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On a shoestring budget? Our experience tells us that the friedly Brazilian community has a guest house, our pousada as it is called, in pretty much every surf spot. This site lists pretty much all you need in every major city

Ah, so you got a big fat wallet? Hotels in Brazil are mostly located in the urban areas and we do not find them price worthy. Still, a few of the hotels in Copacabana offers spectacluar vistits. May we suggest Copacabana Palace, where Marylin Monroe and Clark Gable kicked it off?



This is the one we like the best - get together with a group of friends and rent a big apartment. Great value and loads of fun. We've found great value using property portal Agente Imóvel for Apartamentos  in Rio de Janeiro. Pretty decent options down south in Brazil too.

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We love thrills, and most of all Surfing! The waves in Brazil are nothing short of exhilarating. We share our visitors passion for sports and the outdoors, especially those pastimes that don't have uniforms or referees. If you're serious about extreme sports, we're serious about doing business with you. Check out our surf gear, our expert team and our fantastic classes. We're ready to make you shine.

If at any time you aren't completely satisfied withour recommendaton, let us know! Your satisfaction is our primary concern.

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